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Restorative Dentistry

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Your smile is susceptible to dangers in various shapes and sizes. There are potential problems lurking in the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Something as simple as time can also cause damage, just due to regular chewing and decreased oral functionality.

When things go wrong, we want you to understand that it’s actually more common than you think. Tooth restoration is often a necessary part of most patients dental treatment plan.

The most common restorative dentistry technique comes in the form of fillings, designed to treat a tooth or teeth damaged by cavities or caries. Some patients also require replacements for fillings that are at the end of their lifespan (which is generally about 15 years) or for a filling that may have have fallen out of place. Our composite fillings will have your teeth looking natural, and safely protected from further decay.

Teeth are also vulnerable to breakage. But the good news is a broken tooth is not the end of the world. Crowns and bridges are a part of the restorative dentistry repertoire designed to repair broken, cracked, and severely damaged teeth.

Dentures are also helpful for restoring a smile that’s in need of some TLC. There are even more options than the well-known traditional, removable dentures. If dentures are something your smile would benefit from, we can work together to decide what method of treatment will work best for your smile and your budget.

Endodontics also falls under the restorative category. This is just a different way of saying root canal. We know the thought of this procedure fills some patients with worry, but feel assured knowing that you’re in experienced hands at Perry Hall Family Dental.

Our restorative dentistry services not only bring back the brilliance and beauty to your smile, but we also strive to restore complete functionality. When something’s not right, it can throw your whole mouth off, so we’re here to keep it on track all the time.


Fillings are a common restoration used to remove decayed areas of the tooth. We use composite material for all of our fillings, which expertly blends in with the color of your natural teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable. Getting a filling is quick and easy, and you’ll always be comfortable and relaxed.

Porcelain Inlays / Onlays
If decay has made accepting a traditional filling impossible, Dr. Fried may recommend an inlay or onlay restoration. Crafted of high-quality porcelain, both are excellent options for patients with moderate decay, as they strengthen the structural integrity of the tooth. Inlays cover the top of the tooth up to the cusps, while onlay restorations sit inside and cover the cusps and sides of the tooth.

Crowns / Bridges
Have a tooth that’s damaged, cracked, or has a really large filling? Porcelain crown restorations can cover the damaged tooth and increase its stability. Crowns are perfect for teeth that have received root canal therapy to improve structure and strength.
Bridges are a fixed restoration that replace a series of missing teeth through the use of crowns as anchors. Porcelain prosthetics are secured by crowns placed on healthy teeth at each side of the gap, and bring your smile back to beautiful. All of our bridges are metal-free.

Once you lose teeth, the surrounding healthy teeth can begin to shift, which can cause issues in the bones of your jaw later on. Partials are an option for patients who want a removable replacement for missing teeth. Feel what it’s like to have a fully functioning smile once again!

A beautiful smile doesn’t have to be gone once you’ve lost your teeth. A full set of dentures will restore the sparkle to your smile, and each set is custom-fit to your bite. Our dentures can be made in-house or sent to a lab, depending on your individual case. Ask us if you are a candidate for implant-retained dentures for an even more secure fit.

Want a more permanent solution to missing teeth? We have a variety of dental implants to meet your needs. Whether you want to replace a single tooth, a whole series of teeth, or keep your dentures more secure, Perry Hall Family Dental can help. Visit our Implant Dentistry page to learn more about how dental implants can revitalize your smile.

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)
Comfort is first and foremost at our office. If you need a root canal, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of our expert team. Your natural teeth are worth saving, so whenever possible, we will do everything we can to stop infection and restore your teeth. We perform anterior and premolar root canal treatments right in our office, and are more than happy to refer you to a specialist for more advanced cases or molar endodontics.

Oral Surgery
We perform minor oral surgery, like tooth extractions from the comfort of our office. Our goal is to make your mouth healthy again, while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. Should you need a more advanced procedure, such as wisdom teeth removal or bony impactions, we’ll gladly refer you to a specialist. You’ve got the team you trust by your side.


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